Dizzy fastfood-game-cover

Fast Food (sometimes referred to as Fast Food Dizzy[1]) is an arcade style video game in the design of Pac-

Dizzy - Fast Food 2

Man featuring the video game character,Dizzy the anthropomorphic egg designed by the British born Oliver twins. The game was originally released in December, 1987 and published byCodemasters. This was the third game to feature Dizzy.

Screen shot of game play from the Commodore 64 version.

Because of the simplicity to design Arcade style video games, the game was playable within three days of work and only required two more weeks to finalize all graphics, interface and music.[citation needed]

The game was originally to be a marketing tool for the Happy Eater chain of restaurants, but this was dropped during development and Dizzy was added to the game.[2]

A shortened, altered version of the game, entitled Easter Eggstravaganza Dizzy was made available on Amiga Action and ST Action coverdiscs in May 1993.[3] Completion of this game would give players a code which would allow them to enter a competition in the magazine.


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